What if you want to grow taller?

Monday, 29 July 2013

What if you are just not happy with your current height surely there has to be something that you can do to grow taller? isnt there? Well there is but first let me just explain a little of how height works as there is a lot of confusion at the moments thanks mainly to the masses of spam on search engines from website trying to sell you harmfull methods and pointless ebooks that wont simply wont work.

Height stops! when you reach around your twentys this is when you stop growing unfortunately this is because your growth plates will fse together stopping your growing anymore but that doesnt mean there isnt any hope left there is.

Although it is best to help yourself grow to your full height potential whilst you are still goriwng by making sure you dont stnt your growth by eating a good balanced diet this fact doesnt help those of us who have stopped growing now does it... Something that you can try though is shoe lifts! Shoe lifts what the heck are they?

Well let me explain these shoe lifts help to lift the heel inside your shoes so you gain height the principal is quite simple and straight forward meaning anyone can get a pair and increase their height... instantly. But how much do these "shoe lifts" cost? not much at all about  £10 a normal cost of any orthotic insoles... they also have built in orthotics so you dont have to buy some of them to make your shoes comfortable... you could technically buy a pair of shoe lifts for comfort not height and the added bonus is just your taller... but anyway these height increase insoles are the real way to get taller.. no gimmicks I promise.

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Anyway what else can you do to increase your height now that you have told me about those insoles?
Well there is all ways option number 2 which doesn't give you as rapid and guaranteed results as the insoles do but it helps you keep flexible and healthy and can improve posture resulting in height gain... this method is from  stretching exercises... yoga to precise there are plenty of yoga exercises which you can find on the internet which may help you.. go search for some now and see if they help you.. keep in mind though that height gain through this method is often very slow if at all...

Got any questions?