How to get rich it just a wild goose chase thats a sin

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Getting rich in the ifnoormational age is more like gambling and luck more than everything else. The rich elite have fixed jobs so that one must work for nothing... there are no jobs in the country because they are all being outsourced (a plot by the rich to create social depreivation). The rich are pure evil... not all of them but most of them.
The fact is if you want to get rich in the day and age you really cannot you have more luck winning the lottery despite how skillful you are .. capitalism is a squeeze system that is meant to create development but really it breaks up society and creates rescission and deprivation in society... all because the rich want to stay rich and get richer... The government also wants you to be dependent on them and not have a job and be on benefits so they can simply right off the general public as lazy and hide the fact that they are intending to destroy society so they can eventually kill us all off because social deprivation will become so great that the rich can say "Hey they are just all animals." It makes me sick that there are the evil people in the world but everything im writing even though i may not be conforming to writing conventions and my grammar and structure is all over the place everything i say is true! And we as a nation must finally do something about it... the rich have been ruling over us for thousands of years and its simply gone on for too long.