Search engine bots just using up all my bandwidth

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

I have a website that not even indexed by google yet every second a new google bot visits my website... it is so annoying its been quite a while and I have uploaded only good unique content to my website yet google still doesn't want to index any of my stuff.. I only add the very best writings on this website that I write just for this website.. so the website is 100% unique and really great if you ask me.. I guess google is just missing out by not indexing my site...But the annoying bot is using up all my bandwidth though at the same time which is extremely annoying. at least index my site you annoying bot! Has anyone else had problems with bots not indexing there site but constantly visiting it? My site is a new website.... and I just pointed some good genuine links to it to help it along.. and that is why the bots are always visiting it.. however they just dont wanna have it on the serps for some dumb reason.. hmmm Is my new website penalized even before it got on the search results now? Webmasters says no manual action detected nor have I any messages in my webmasters dashboard either.. however that thing might be slow to update.

Negative seo is taking the internet by storm

I am sorry to say that negative seo really is hitting everyday website quite hard.. innocent websites that have never done any link building whatsoever are being crushed by spammers in a attempt to get them penalized and because of google penguin these attempts are not in vain! Negative seo is working and is quite easy for spammers to do.. Because of google stance of any links pointing to your website is your responsibility and you must of created them and if any links pointing to your site are spammy it is upto you to get them removed or face being penalized means that sites get hit and cannot recover.. It is really stupid how someone can easily if a website is new and doesn't have many backlinks can blast that site with hundreds or even thousands of rubbish automated links towards that site and easily as if by magic (well we know its not by magic more like penguin power) that site disappears out of site from the search results. It only works on small website though and not the big guys because big websites are established and would require million and millions of links to get them penalized and there is speculation that big websites are white listed anyway and cannot be penalized. making seo very unfair indeed! All your hard work can vanish before your eyes as spammers destroy your business with no hope of recovery because disavowing millions of links or sending out millions of emails to get those links removed off foreign and forgotten websites would take well a million years, but it only took a couple minutes for the spammers to wreck your site.... great! :/ I found this article quite good which just goes to show I am not the only one aware and concerned about negative seo!