Do you want to be taller I got a idea..

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Ive got a idea and it is rather a good one too. The idea is to wear height increasing insoles (shoe heel lifts basically) to get taller.. They work actually to be honest this isn't a original idea i am just copying one of my friends who said that he wears these insoles to be taller.. I always thought he was naturally tall but i guess not he just wears these insoles that boost his height instead. He showed me them and they give him apparently 3 inches more height when he wears them.. 3 inches is a lot in height terms.
Anyway he says they are comfortable to wear.. I may grab myself a pair and tell you what they are like after i have gotten them.

How to get rich it just a wild goose chase thats a sin

Getting rich in the ifnoormational age is more like gambling and luck more than everything else. The rich elite have fixed jobs so that one must work for nothing... there are no jobs in the country because they are all being outsourced (a plot by the rich to create social depreivation). The rich are pure evil... not all of them but most of them.
The fact is if you want to get rich in the day and age you really cannot you have more luck winning the lottery despite how skillful you are .. capitalism is a squeeze system that is meant to create development but really it breaks up society and creates rescission and deprivation in society... all because the rich want to stay rich and get richer... The government also wants you to be dependent on them and not have a job and be on benefits so they can simply right off the general public as lazy and hide the fact that they are intending to destroy society so they can eventually kill us all off because social deprivation will become so great that the rich can say "Hey they are just all animals." It makes me sick that there are the evil people in the world but everything im writing even though i may not be conforming to writing conventions and my grammar and structure is all over the place everything i say is true! And we as a nation must finally do something about it... the rich have been ruling over us for thousands of years and its simply gone on for too long.

How is society controlled

For the past thousand or so years since civilization began mankind has been run by the elite.. the elite ruled and the poor where their slaves.. evil I know but for thousand of years this was the case until the standards of living and education of the masses improved to such a level that they realized they where being exploited.. scared that the rich would face a uprising the elite decided to create something called democracy. Democracy is basically a cover up to create a illusion and mask of slavery... giving the public some right but not all rights.. tricking into think they too can be rich and famous but in reality this isn't the case. Everything is a fix.

Society is controlled by the culture and conventions..... that create the norm. who controls culture... well we are in something hat is called a information age and media and the internet is what people are influenced by, By the information they read or see. Who then controls this? Well that's quite simple the elite... They control search engines only ranking sites that they want to rank and only showing stuff on tv that helps them stay in power... I will be very surprised if anyone actually reads this article on the internet because it doesn't conform to the elite rules by actually saying the truth.

What if you want to grow taller?

Monday, 29 July 2013

What if you are just not happy with your current height surely there has to be something that you can do to grow taller? isnt there? Well there is but first let me just explain a little of how height works as there is a lot of confusion at the moments thanks mainly to the masses of spam on search engines from website trying to sell you harmfull methods and pointless ebooks that wont simply wont work.

Height stops! when you reach around your twentys this is when you stop growing unfortunately this is because your growth plates will fse together stopping your growing anymore but that doesnt mean there isnt any hope left there is.

Although it is best to help yourself grow to your full height potential whilst you are still goriwng by making sure you dont stnt your growth by eating a good balanced diet this fact doesnt help those of us who have stopped growing now does it... Something that you can try though is shoe lifts! Shoe lifts what the heck are they?

Well let me explain these shoe lifts help to lift the heel inside your shoes so you gain height the principal is quite simple and straight forward meaning anyone can get a pair and increase their height... instantly. But how much do these "shoe lifts" cost? not much at all about  £10 a normal cost of any orthotic insoles... they also have built in orthotics so you dont have to buy some of them to make your shoes comfortable... you could technically buy a pair of shoe lifts for comfort not height and the added bonus is just your taller... but anyway these height increase insoles are the real way to get taller.. no gimmicks I promise.

If you wish to find out more about these height increasing insoles or wanna buy some just click here

Anyway what else can you do to increase your height now that you have told me about those insoles?
Well there is all ways option number 2 which doesn't give you as rapid and guaranteed results as the insoles do but it helps you keep flexible and healthy and can improve posture resulting in height gain... this method is from  stretching exercises... yoga to precise there are plenty of yoga exercises which you can find on the internet which may help you.. go search for some now and see if they help you.. keep in mind though that height gain through this method is often very slow if at all...

Got any questions?

Saturday, 27 July 2013

What is groundinfo all about? Well its not about information about the ground i can tell you.. well maybe you could find information about the ground and geography but the main reason for this blog is to help people find out about information on a whole host of different things that may be intresting or utterly boring really... Hope you find this blog of use.