How is society controlled

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

For the past thousand or so years since civilization began mankind has been run by the elite.. the elite ruled and the poor where their slaves.. evil I know but for thousand of years this was the case until the standards of living and education of the masses improved to such a level that they realized they where being exploited.. scared that the rich would face a uprising the elite decided to create something called democracy. Democracy is basically a cover up to create a illusion and mask of slavery... giving the public some right but not all rights.. tricking into think they too can be rich and famous but in reality this isn't the case. Everything is a fix.

Society is controlled by the culture and conventions..... that create the norm. who controls culture... well we are in something hat is called a information age and media and the internet is what people are influenced by, By the information they read or see. Who then controls this? Well that's quite simple the elite... They control search engines only ranking sites that they want to rank and only showing stuff on tv that helps them stay in power... I will be very surprised if anyone actually reads this article on the internet because it doesn't conform to the elite rules by actually saying the truth.