Orthotic supportive insoles much better!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Orthotic supportive insoles are far better and have been proven to help reduce pain with support and compression and will actually strengthen and realign footing.. much better than placebo copper. I once used copper insoles and on a cold day they weren't too great... i swapped them for some cheaper and more effective orthotic insoles i found at nuovahealth.co.uk ... me being a money saver i researched before i bought and realized the differences between the custom expensive ones and the affordable ones and even pro runners i talked to said custom ones were a waste of money.. meaning id decided to buy the affordable ones and haven't regretted it

Forums really get on my nerves

If you join a forum and ask a question your just met by a bunxh of morons who have nothing better to do then hang around on a forum 8:..... Losers really.. There is no point of forums apart from helping the forum owner make some money. Nahh forums aren't for me too sad and boring and i couldnt careless about strangers opinions anyway.

Has your computer been hacked?

Sometimes you may have been hacked and not even realize it... Just because your bank account hasn't been emptied doesn't mean you still haven't been hacked some retarded and I actually mean retarded teenage hackers might be using your computer as a bot... Is your internet being really slow and or disconnecting ever couple of minutes and you dont know why? Well your computer may have been compromised and your internet privacy and security maybe at risk. It is these really sad and RETARDED hackers that are to blame.... they use your computer as a kind of bot to then drive traffic to pointless ad websites to make them pennies (but then they never get paid because there accounts just get banned its all kind of ironic). Make sure that your computer has internet security Never download software from warez or torrent websites... ALWAYS THESE HAVE HIDDEN VIRUSES ON THEM. Sometimes just having internet security isnt enough to protect your computer AND SOMETIMES IF YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN HACKED THE BEST THING TO DO IS DO A SYSTEM RESTORE.