Spammers using up bandwidth of websites

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

I have a few website but one of my main websites recently got really slow..and i found out why.. it seems a (one) spammer had sent it 24 thousand spam comments.. and the number kept growing... 1 new pending comment per second... or something stupid like that.. the culprit was some fake handbag seller... but it was rather a pointless exercise from them as they where sending trackbacks for links (spammers spam websites with comment or trackback spam in hope to get link to their website and increase rankings in google with off page seo).. my trackbacks need approval before being submitted... this website was basically pointless and annoyingly slowing down my website in the hope of getting a link that it will never get. After removing the ability for people to send trackbacks my website speed improved... but no doubt the idiot is still going on the website and trying to send them even if failed.. at least now my website server wont be saving the pending trackbacks and sending me emails each time.. which slows down website even more...... but the annoying thing is that this idiot the same trackback spam was happening on another one of my website that about totally different subject.. meaning this spammer is widespread spamming every website on the internet just a bot.. what a idiot.. at least i reported the idiot to google for link spam because after looking at his backlink profile they had 150k of spam back links from auto approve websites... people who dont set there setting to manual approve comments and trackbacks...

Stupid morons... my website was so slow and even getting server errors because of this one idiot... but there are many more spammers out there wrecking the internet for everyone else.