Running insoles have helped me run again

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

On my other blog I talked a bit more about running to work instead of the car. Since writing that post I have since taken up running again with a new pair of running insoles as well... I can safely say that if you are wanting to run marathons you do need a good pair of running insoles if not you may find that your feet will feel like you are running on glass. Plantar fasciitis is a running injury that is really quite common and something best avoided.. but how to avoid it? running insoles give support and help you to avoid it. When i started running again i did not want any injury getting in my way especially not plantar fasciitis again so that is why i made sure to do everything I could to avoid getting it in the first place.... a good pair of running insoles I said to myself... but When i search for the custom ones on Google i found that everything was far to expensive and Out of my price range.. i then saw on another blog that you dont need custom insoles and cheaper ones can if you get them to fit and made from foam will do just the trick as foam molds to your foot shape anyway.. making custom insoles a waste of money... Grabbed a pair for £10 online and since I got them they have meant I HAVEN'T HAD ANY PROBLEM WHATSOEVER!
Running insoles are just the only insoles you can buy to stop foot cramps and other such problems like that planatar fasciitis i mentioned other insoles are available.. i picked running insoles as they are designed for sport and running... but everyday insoles that can be bought i good for if you dont do sport but are always on your feet walking places and suffer from those annoying problems